JLR in the NYT

My Metropolitan Diary entry appeared in the New York Times and later as an ad for New York City’s subway system back in 2004. The original post is here but you’ll need a TimesSelect password to view it.


I was at a hip New York bar recently celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday.

At the table next to us were a group of out-of-towners discussing their plans to visit the Empire State Building the following day.

Needing help with transportation, one of the women turned to our party and said, ”Do y’all ride the subway?”

Before we could answer, she asked a follow-up question: ”Oh, wait, are y’all from here?”

Our group replied in unison, ”Yes.”

The thoughtful tourist paused for a moment and then quickly rephrased her question: ”Excuse me, do youse guys ride the subway?”

Jamie L. Rubin


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