For some people, writing comes naturally; the words just flow from brain to pen. Others need a little help with organization and style, or they simply don’t have the time to put their thoughts together on paper. I help my clients get to the root of what they want to communicate and find the perfect way to jot it all down. In short, I can help you sound like you, only better.

I’m a former news producer and current professional writer with experience executing high profile interviews, exclusive stories, and compelling written content. I’ve pitched, researched, and written content for live and taped television audiences, online viewers, and niche groups. I currently ghost write speeches, articles, personal essays, and blogs for Fortune 500 professional services firms, attorneys, and media personalities. I’m comfortable working under extreme deadlines and in a variety of writing styles.


Personal Essays:

News reporting, writing, and blogging:

I wrote for, edited, and managed the “Abrams Report blawg” for a legal news show anchored by then NBC News Chief Legal Correspondent Dan Abrams in the early days of blogging. I was also responsible for daily cold open, scripts, and teaser content.

I produced news stories and wrote scripts, headlines, and other content for the “People of the Web” project for Yahoo news featuring Kevin Sites as reporter.


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