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In the papers

I give so much legitimacy to blogs that I often forget that a lot of the world still finds them a distant second to mainstream news and other media.  So, while I am happy to see my friends and family touted on the best blogs out there, I also recognize that it’s pretty cool that two family members made it into the papers this week.  Today, another letter from my Dad made it into the New York Times’ Letters to the Editor section and Michael’s new book got a favorable review in the Washington Times.  He was also reviewed in the Washington Post a while back but I conveniently lost the link. . .



I often find myself re-writing things. I worked on that sentence (the one before this one) 4 times. I’m still trying to figure out why. I just deleted a paragraph I was going to post here; I decided I didn’t like what I had written.

I loved this video because it reminds me of that feeling — writing and re-writing with an audience in mind.

(Thanks Todd)