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Fatigue 2.0?

A talk with Adam and a few days in Vermont with Alex and Michelle reminded me that I should update this space more often. I’m going to try.

Lately I find myself signing up for every new website I hear about. For the past few weeks that has included Pownce, ooVoo, and Spock. It’s getting a little overwhelming because you can’t really do very much on most of these sites unless a good number of your friends are signed up for them as well; so far none of the new services seem to be so great that I feel the need to truly evangelise them to all of my contacts. I came across Greg Verdino’s marketing blog from a random recommendation and I like how he articulates the overwhelming feeling of signing up for all of these sites.

Facebook seems to be a nice exception to the overwhelming feeling. It seems to finally be catching on with everyone I know. It used to be that all of my Facebook contacts were the same kind of people but now a number of my friends are the kind who don’t even know what to do with their Facebook pages but know that they should have them anyway.

Random but related — Twitter notified me today of a new follower but he’s someone I don’t know. I realize this is pretty common among regular Twitterers but so far I have only been watching (and have only been watched) by people I actually know. Who is Darius Jahandarie and why does he care what I am up to? I’m intrigued. . .