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I’m like in love with I’m in like with you.

I heard about last week and I am obsessed. I was reading PSFK who linked to a talk by Josh Spear about the way the digital generation communicates. I was familiar with almost every reference except for iminlikewithyou so I spent some time figuring it out.

First of all for the moment, the site is invitation only. I appreciated that the main link suggested I find someone on Facebook who could send me an invite. I joined the iminlikewithyou group and voila, an invitation was in my inbox about 2 hours later. I also got an e-mail from an old friend who told me her friends started the site and she could get me an invitation if I still needed one. They might be a good interview for POTW. Now that I am a member I have invites to spare as well so if you need an invitation, let me know.

But back to my point about it being so cool. Essentially, it’s just another social networking site but I like its twist. The only way to network with, talk to, flirt with (which I assume is mainly what the site is for) or date other people on the page is by competing for their attention and winning. This is exactly what life is like, right?

Users play “games,” essentially asking questions of one another and other users “bid” (with points allotted to them when they signed up initially and have more chances to earn later) to win the game. When the game ends, the owner of the game gets to pick a winner from the top 5 bidders. It’s only at that point that users get to connect with each other: the one who started the game and the one who was picked to be the winner can now talk. The website will connect you via e-mail or even by phone without either party ever having to reveal their contact information.

Of course this game would be a lot more fun if I was single but for now I’m finding a lot of other people on it who are just like me, out there to meet other networkers.



I often find myself re-writing things. I worked on that sentence (the one before this one) 4 times. I’m still trying to figure out why. I just deleted a paragraph I was going to post here; I decided I didn’t like what I had written.

I loved this video because it reminds me of that feeling — writing and re-writing with an audience in mind.

(Thanks Todd)

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